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Garmin’s intuitive golf devices help make serious improvements to your golf game by giving players access to thousands of preloaded international golf courses. A Garmin golf watch enables you to measure distance to the green, identify hazards, and track your shots for post-round analysis to consistently improve your game. Garmin golf GPS systems such as rangefinders allow players to identify windspeed, distance to the hole, and changes in elevation. One of the most recognisable names in golf watches, Garmin has been a fast favourite for golfers both professional and recreational for decades. Shop some of their most popular pieces and GPS golf devices with OnlineGolf today to take your game to the next level. We are proud providers of game-changing models such as the Garmin S10 golf watch, the S60 golf watch, and a full spectrum of GPS systems.

Garmin Approach S42 Golf Watch

This lightweight and stylish golf watch offers elevated functionality both on and off the golf course. Including automatically recording the distance of each detected shot, it also offers smartwatch features such as tracking activities away from the golf course, including a step counter and live smartphone notifications when you sync with your device. Functional for in-game and in-life, the Garmin S42 golf watch is a popular choice with golfers

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Garmin Approach S12 Golf Watch

We've got your game with Approach® S12, a golf watch designed to turn on when you tee off. It uses GPS for better accuracy, provides yardages and can help you keep score - all from your wrist.

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Gamin Approach G12 Golf GPS

The Garmin Approach G12 GPS Rangefinder is a very popular piece of the Garmin golf GPS family. Easily stored in your pocket or hooked onto your belt, this golf rangefinder offers accurate distance calculations, in-game features such as hazard detection, and play assistance with Green View and manual pin movements for precision yardage. A sturdy and reliable virtual golfing assistant, this Garmin golf GPS rangefinder will help you play your best games.

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Garmin Approach S62 Golf Watch

The Garmin Approach S62 golf watch is your partner on and off the course, a premium golf watch preloaded with more than 40,000 golf courses across the world. Its touchscreen display allows for simple mid-game adjustments and post-game analysis. The Garmin S62 golf watch feeds back responsive game data so you can consistently improve your performance during the round, as well as setting achievable goals for the future..

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Garmin Approach Z82 Golf GPS

The Garmin Approach Z82 Rangefinder with GPS gives you the most accurate reading on the market within 10 inches of the flag. Featuring image stabilisation, full-colour course mapping, and identifying hazards using hazard view, this Garmin golf GPS system is a welcome tool in the arsenal of any golf player, professional or recreational. Allowing in-depth and reactive game play changes and identifying course details, it has become a well sort after piece of golfing equipment.

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